Why Casualty Simulation is important


Simply put Casualty Simulation is adding visual, auditory and even smells to a medical or trauma scenario to help the responders react appropriately to their casualties or patients


Through Casualty Simulation we can help responders become more confident in their abilities to respond to varied situations.  

First Responders need visual and auditory cues to begin to react to the scenario. Without these, their reactions will be diminished and some learning experiences lossed. 


In the movies vs. real life

As casualty simulators it is your job to make scenarios more real. The movie industry has a tendency to over dramatize injuries for the shock value of the audience. 

Take the time to study what real injuries look like, talk to medical professionals and makeup artists to get a good idea of what is real and what will work best for the scenario you are planning.  

Remember that when we use our senses in a scenario it affects the way our brain works. We can project ourselves into the situation as though it were real and not just practice. 

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