About Me, Laura

A budding Intrest

Way back in the 90's I joined an amazing group of volunteers with St. John Ambulance and it was there of all places that I got interested in makeup.  To be specific, it was Casualty Simulation.  I was introduced into this fascinating world of altered appearances and first aid competition. (also where I got the idea to become a Paramedic!)

Making you look "Sick"

I live in a rather ironic world most days.  My last name is ILLMAN and I'm a paramedic, when I spell my last name I usually follow it with with "Illman, Like Sick Guy" and to top it all off my badge number at work is literally "12345".  Yeah.  I live in a funny and ironic world.

My grass roots in makeup is Casualty Simulation.  I have had the opportunity to work at various mock disasters, competitions and even photo and video shoots with St. John Ambulance.  Halloween is also a favorite time of year for me.  

Drop Dead Gorgious

After decade or so I started to say things like "I need to go and learn 'Normal People' Makeup".  In 2017 I enrolled at Canadian Beauty College and took the Makeup Artist Diploma.  I now have the skills to make you look drop dead gorgeous!

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